Larry Wheels took on Leonidas Arkona in an unsettling arm wrestling match that shook the nation (of YouTube.)

Leonidas Arkona stopped by Larry Wheels’ gym in Germany to challenge him to an ultra-special left-handed arm wrestling match. The “left-handed” aspect of it was especially intriguing to fans since the two had arm wrestled in the past but never with their non-dominant arms. Spoiler alert: Larry Wheels won both times wrestling with his dominant right hand, while Leonidas Arkona won both times they wrestled with their left. For a full breakdown you can watch the video of all the matches above.

It’s always nice to see crossover events between two of strength sports’ biggest YouTube stars. Larry Wheels and Leonidas Arkona are a fairly even physical match — Larry is 25, Leonidas is 22, while Larry weighs around 290 and Leonidas weighs around 297 pounds. Since their physical stats were so similar, the match really did come down to the raw physical truth of who had the most strength in their upper arms.

Unsurprisingly, legendary Larry Wheels bested Leonidas both times they used their dominant hands. Leonidas definitely had him in the non-dominant hands though, which suggests Leonidas has more symmetrically conditioning across both arms. It was also interesting that two chose no assists at all; no straps or supports, just raw arm wrestling between two champions.

The matches themselves were over in a matter of seconds due to the extreme skill of both competitors. There was no intense, drawn-out grappling to be seen here. What’s truly on remarkable display during this match is the unparalleled conditioning of their forearms and biceps. Definitely check out the video above if you’re looking to get inspired for arm day in the gym.

*All images and media courtesy of YouTube.

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