Larry Wheels Looks Insane Days Out from the NPC Nationals!

Larry Wheels is looking shredded heading into the NPC Nationals.

Larry Wheels has been getting a whole lot of traction on this site lately and it’s with good reason. The powerlifter and bodybuilder has made it his mission to become the World’s Strongest Bodybuilder like Stan ‘The Rhino’ Efferding before him. Now that he’s competing in the amateur ranks, Larry Wheels is well on his way to accomplishing his mission.

Now that the NPC Nationals is just days away, Larry Wheels is looking to take one step closer to reaching pro status. His resolve has never been stronger and he’s looking to push himself to new heights of supreme physical fitness.

Larry Wheels has been hard at work in his preparation and it shows in his most recent Instagram post. The “powerbuilder” is looking absolutely jacked and shredded heading into the NPC Nationals and could be on track to dominate the competition in hopes of making his dream a reality.

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