Larry Wheels Pushes a Monstrous 545 Lbs Bench Press Weeks Out From NY Competition!

Larry Wheels once again showcases his insane strength.

It’s truly difficult coming back from a major injury for professional athlete. For Larry Wheels, the bicep tear that sidelined his career would have been a death sentence for his career as a powerlifter. But medical science combined with a will to make a full recovery has seen Larry Wheels turn his misfortune around, coming back with a vengeance.

Since coming back from his bicep injury, Larry Wheels has been taking his training to new heights, pushing weight that no normal man could muster. It almost makes you wonder how he’d do in one our Strength Wars competitions. From his constant feats of strength we’re thinking that he’d absolutely dominate.

Larry Wheels management has informed Generation Iron he will be in NYC for a powerlifting competition, RPS Insurrection, on November 23 and plans to meet with Director Vlad Yudin and Producer Edwin Mejia Jr. to discuss a potential upcoming project. He’ll then head to Canada for a 3-day meet and greet for Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

At RPS Insurrection Larry Wheels is extremely focused and ready to show the gains he’s made. If this 545 Lbs bench press is any indication, Larry Wheels has taken his strength to a whole new level!

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