Larry Wheels Sets New PR With 140lb Shoulder Press For 17 Reps

Larry Wheels is back to moving some enormous weight in the gym and setting some personal bests.

Larry Wheels is right back to moving huge weight in the gym and he is not shy about sharing some new personal records. Most recently, it came in the form of a set of 17 reps with 140lb dumbbells performing shoulder presses.

Wheels took to Instagram to share the full video. With bodybuilder Regan Grimes spotting the set, Wheels made 140lb dumbbells look like toys as he shot them toward the ceiling 17 times.

“140lb x17 PR!
Shoulders felt super strong today.


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Larry Wheels has insane strength and has put it on display plenty of times. When watching this video, you might notice that Wheels’ arms are not fully extended and this has created some criticism. Regardless of what has been said, it is hard to deny the difficulty of this feat and Wheels’ overall strength cannot be put into question.


Wheels thrives performing dumbbell presses of any kind. He holds the unofficial world record in dumbbell incline press of 550lb, 225lb dumbbell in each hand. This criticism is something that Wheels is aware of, which is why he posted another video of a shoulder press set where he addressed range of motion.


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Larry Wheels is a powerlifter that is extremely well-rounded in his lifts. Back in September, Wheels set a new personal best with a 950lb squat. This shows the immense strength that the powerlifter has using different body parts. Of course, lifts of this caliber do not come without risk.

Just a few days after Wheels set his personal best, he suffered a quad injury where he was forced to ditch the weight on his way up. He did not take much time off in the gym after his injury and it is not surprising to see him back to moving incredible weight.

Larry Wheels currently holds two world records in the 140-kg division. These are a 292.5 kilograms (644.9lb) bench press and a total of 1,075 kilograms (2,370lb). He made a quick return to the world of powerlifting after trying his hand at arm wrestling.

Wheels seems to be on a mission of setting personal bests recently. This is a trend that could continue and it will be interesting to see as the powerlifter remains active on social media. This shoulder press PR is a nice beginning to what could become a trend for Wheels over the next few weeks.

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