Larry Wheels Posts Epic 935 Lbs Deadlift Fail and Flip

Larry Wheels fails to reach deadlift PR.

Larry Wheels has been known for his incredible strength and his passionate desire to become a bodybuilder. Larry Wheels is well on his way to becoming the world’s strongest pro bodybuilder. Is mix of power lifting combined with his body building training is truly turning him into a comic book superhero.

But on the road to achieving such immense heights, Larry Wheels also has faced many lows. Things don’t always go your way when you’re lifting in the gym. Sometimes injuries and accidents simply cannot be avoided, especially if you’re in individual who likes to push the limits of their abilities.

Larry Wheels recently found that out the hard way.

A recent Instagram post from Larry himself shows the powerbuilder trying to perform a personal best deadlift. Unfortunately for Larry Wheels things don’t go all that well.

While the deadlift may not have gone his way, Larry Wheels has kept a positive head and some good humor about the situation. It was interesting to see Larry Wheels highlight his failure in the same manner that he does his victories. It shows a ton of character and that Larry Wheels isn’t afraid to show that sometimes it’s necessary to pick yourself up off the ground and dust yourself off in order to achieve your goals.

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