WATCH: Larry Wheels Completes Six Reps With 85kg Dumbbells

Larry Wheels displayed yet another impressive lift.

It seems as though Larry Wheels is accomplishing a new insane lift each day. That has certainly been the case since he returned from a quad injury back in September. The trend continued on Wednesday as Wheels returned to Instagram to show off his recent triumph.

Wheels decided to hit shoulders hard and completed six reps with an 85kg (187.4lb) dumbbell in each hand. This is the latest feat for what has been a incredible display over the last two months.

“187lb/85kg dumbbell shoulder press!
It says 100kg but I weighed it and it’s actually 85kg.
Black PR wrist wraps from @teampersonalrecord
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Larry Wheels explained that the dumbbells were labeled as 100kg but he weighed them to find out they were actually 85kg. This does not diminish the lift given the fact he was able to complete six reps.


Back in September, Wheels suffered a quad injury while performing an insanely heavy squat. He was forced to take some time off but it did not last long. This came one week after he was able to set a personal best with a 950-pound squat. This began what has been a stretch of different personal records being set.

Wheels is no stranger to big shoulder lifts. At the end of October, he set a new PR with 17 reps using 140-pound dumbbells. Other feats include a 585-pound bench press for four reps and a 765-pound deadlift for seven reps, which is another PR.

Larry Wheels has not competed in a sanctioned event since the 2020 Xtreme Powerlifting Coalition (XPC) Arnold. This is a competition where he finished first. Eddie Hall currently holds the world record for shoulder press with a 110kg (242.5lb) lift completed in January of 2020.

It is unknown if Wheels has his eye on any world records in the upcoming months but we do know that he is setting new PR’s daily. This is a trend that he has continued since returning from his injury and has gotten back into full gear when it comes to powerlifting. It is always something to watch when Wheels posts a new lift and he has done so frequently. It will be entertaining to see which life he goes to next.

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