Changing things up.

Just a few months back the news broke that Regan Grimes would be leaving Canada to train over in Kuwait at the famed Oxygen Gym headed by Bader Bodai. The move was quite a revelation and it appeared that Grimes made the switch in order to be competitive in the Open Weight Division. But it appears that a big shake up has occurred as Grimes is no longer training at Oxygen Gym.

Multiple sources have confirmed that Regan Grimes is no longer training in Kuwait. While there is no official reason for his departure, Grimes seems unwilling to return despite making some great gains while at the Oxygen Gym. After returning to his native Canada during the holiday season, Grimes appears to have had a change of heart about training out in Kuwait, but that’s not all.

Now it seems that Regan Grimes could be considering a drop to the Classic Physique division. The talented bodybuilder made a cryptic post on his Instagram page that is could be confirmation of the rumors that have been circulating through the bodybuilding world.

Weekend Warrior ? Health and Longevity.. #ClassicBodybuilding #Rgarmy

A post shared by REGAN GRIMES IFBB PRO (@regangbodybuilding) on

As of now we can’t be sure if this is an official statement from Grimes, but it’s safe to say that this is a major clue as to the mindset of the young bodybuilder.

Do you think Regan Grimes will move to the Classic Physique division?

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  1. Regan grimes is pure hype he never looked good in contests because his condition was poor, this is a weak mind bodybuilder the training at oxygen gym is hard and brutal and if you are a pussy you wont go back,he wont do great in physique because although you dont have to be very big you must show up in great condition and to get that you have to still suffer the diet and he doesn’t have the mindset for it.

    • Clearly u have no idea what u are talking about.His condition is what made him place so well in his first year as a pro over guys that have been pros for almost his age ..Not conditioned hes more conditioned on stage then majority of the guys I saw on the olympia stage this year.No stomach bloat tight vacuum and at the age of 24 someone saying hes all hype shows pure jealousy..U haters hive guys like him the fuel to win..He didnt continue in Kuwait because he realised its a marathon and he has many years as a bodybuilder and does not need to kill his body at such a young age like Dallas Mcgarver did.

  2. Wise move otherwise he would be suffering the shit and sacrifice his health, he got to see from close what the bodybuilders get injected there , that’s why he said health and longevity. Smart move.

  3. I wish him the best no matter what he decides to do with his career. It is quite laughable reading some of the people on here talk shit about him. I’d LOVE to see you stand on stage next to him.


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