“Classic bodybuilding should have never left!”

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Lee Haney was the first bodybuilder to break and hold the world record for most Mr. Olympia wins at 8 Sandow trophies. Ronnie Coleman later matched this record while also solidifying a new type of physique – the insane mass monsters. Now decades later it seems that the classic physique aesthetic is becoming more popular with athletes and fans demanding a new look. We are still a far cry from mass monsters in Men’s Open from fading away… but the introduction of a new Classic Physique shows the continued progression and change in this industry.

While I was filming Generation Iron 2 I had the pleasure of sitting down with Lee Haney – the man who held the world record not with ridiculous mass but a classic physique. I wanted to know his thoughts on the introduction of the new division as well as the rise of YouTube bodybuilding gurus becoming more and more popular. The entire interview could not make it into the film – but it’s all worth hearing. That’s why today we are releasing the extended clip. You can watch it above.

– Vlad Yudin 

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