Due To Major Injuries, Lee Priest Is Done With Bodybuilding

No more bodybuilding.

Like many other athletic endeavors, pro bodybuilding has everything to do with personality. If you’re just there to be there then it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to make any waves in your chosen arena. Making the needle move gives an individual a voice. If you’re content to simply blend into the background then you’ll be unlikely to get much of anything done. The people who are unafraid to make their voice be heard will always rule the day. In bodybuilding one of those individuals is undoubtedly the outspoken and brash Lee Priest.

While not everyone may love what comes out of his mouth, Lee Priest has always been a man that speaks from the heart. Ever since falling out with the IFBB Lee Priest has been unable to compete in high level competitions yet has continued to workout. Unfortunately for him an accident that caused him severe nerve damage has comeback to bite him. It seems like the bodybuilding veteran has finally decided to call it quits and leaving lifting and bodybuilding behind.

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