This Footage Proves That Lee Priest Would Have Been A Dominant 212 Champion

A lightweight bodybuilding legend.

As far as divisions go in bodybuilding there are a great many individuals who believe there are too many classes at the professional level. These detractors of different divisions believe that it takes away from the ultimate weight class in bodybuilding, the open weight division. But there are also those who believe that these different divisions bring a much needed variety to the professional stage. Some feel that the development of all of these divisions make shows like the Olympia all the more entertaining. But many of the divisions that exist today weren’t around in the past. One of those divisions being 212 or lightweight bodybuilding.

Without a lighter weight class for some of the less than massively built bodybuilders out there it gives them less of a chance to actually contend against bodybuilders that have fifty pounds more than they do when they hit the stage. The 212 class was able to birth superstar James “Flex” Lewis and give the lightweight bodybuilder a chance to truly be appreciated for his incredible physique. It makes you wonder how things would have been back in the days if the 212 division had existed. If it had, Lee Priest would have surely been one of it’s legendary champions.

While many may be divided on his outspoken personality, Lee Priest has proved time and again that he is a top tier bodybuilder. Although he may have been on the lighter side of the equation, Priest was able to contend with some of the best of the best out there. His size disadvantage didn’t stop from giving his all and being one the most well built individuals on stage when it was go time. The clip below features Lee Priest on stage proving just how talented he was in his heyday, so much so that he would have made a great 212 champion.

Do you think Lee Priest would have been a 212 champion on the level of Flex Lewis?

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