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Bodybuilding Motivation: An epic supercut of Lee Priest’s amazing physique.

Lee Priest may be best known for his controversial statements and blunt honesty. Or perhaps you know him beast as the bodybuilder who managed to get banned for life from competing in the IFBB. But before he became notorious as the dark horse of bodybuilding, he was known as The Blonde Myth. This was due to his incredible genetic potential that came together into one hell of a bodybuilding physique during his prime days in the IFBB.

There are many fans and bodybuilders who believe that had Lee Priest’s path gone differently, he could have become a truly legendary bodybuilder and perhaps stand tall with the short list of athletes who earned a Mr. Olympia trophy. But we can’t change the past and while Lee never got to further prove himself in the IFBB – it doesn’t take away from the pure mastery we did get to see on display before things got really rocky.

That’s why content partner Raiden Motivation has put together this epic supercut bodybuilding motivation video showcasing the best footage of Lee Priest in his prime. Cut together with some inspiring quotes to get you amped up – this video is a reminder that beyond the blunt honesty and controversial headlines, there was also a truly impressive physique that spoke for itself. Check it out above.

You can also get the life story of Lee Priest and his rollercoaster of a career in our latest documentary – Lee Priest Vs Bodybuilding. It’s available now to stream online. Check it out here.

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