Lee Priest’s honesty on steroids earned him more fines than he ever won in prize money.

In this new exclusive clip from Lee Priest Vs Bodybuilding, Lee and his mother go into detail about the moment he decided to start using steroids (at 19 years old) and how his honesty about the substance use led to the beginning of his downfall in the IFBB.

Lee Priest was never a bodybuilder who played by the rules and it often got him into trouble. His open remarks about not only his own steroid use but the amount of steroids used throughout the entirety of the sport didn’t sit well with the powers that be. Ultimately, it would be this kind of honesty (or depending on who you ask, his version of honesty) that got Lee Priest banned from the IFBB for life.

But Lee’s opinion on steroids and performance enhancing drugs has further evolved as the sport and the world has changed since Lee was in his prime. He now finds that the younger generation of aspiring bodybuilders jump into steroids much younger than even 19 years old and due to this – they never get to discover their natural genetic potential before further pushing the limit with steroids.

Watch Lee Priest explain in detail how his use of steroids and honesty about it not only sent him on a downward path with the IFBB but also received skepticism from bodybuilding fans in the exclusive clip above!

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