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Lee Priest explains how he was ultimately banned from the IFBB for life.

Watch a new exclusive clip from Lee Priest Vs Bodybuildingavailable now on all major digital platforms. In this clip, Lee Priest explains the moment he received the call banning him for life from competing in the IFBB.

Lee Priest was known as a bodybuilding with incredible genetic potential and one that could make major waves in pro bodybuilding. This potential was ultimately cut short due to Lee’s open honesty leading to multiple fines and bans until he was ultimately banned for life from the IFBB. But what was the final straw? And what was it like behind the scenes in that moment when Lee found out he could no longer compete in the IFBB for the rest of his life?

Lee Priest breaks down the moment he received the phone call and was told that he could no longer compete in the IFBB for the rest of his life. He also explains how it was his honesty during a radio show that ultimately led to his demise in the pro league. 4x Mr. Olympia champion Jay Cutler also gives his retrospective take on the ban and Lee Priest’s place in history. Was Lee Priest blacklisted or just got in his own way? Decide for yourself in the new clip above!

Lee Priest Vs Bodybuilding is available now on all major digital platforms. You can watch it today by clicking here or the banner below.

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