Lee Priest was bullied throughout his entire childhood when it was discovered his father was gay. Then his father disowned him.

Watch this brand new clip from the documentary feature Lee Priest Vs Bodybuilding – now available on all major digital platforms! In this clip, Lee Priest and his family describe the moment that Lee found out his father was gay, the bullying he received at school because of it, and how Lee changed his last name causing his father to disown him.

Anyone who is familiar with Lee Priest’s blunt honesty and often considered controversial comments – might not be too surprised to discover he was bullied a lot in his childhood school days. Lee claims that it didn’t bother him much but his family and specifically his mother paint a different picture.

The main reason for Lee being bullied was when it came out in his community and school that his father was gay. While Lee’s mother knew for some time before Lee, when he finally discovered the truth it was a major blow. Not because he had a problem with his father being gay, but because of the kind of terrible ridicule he received from other kids.

In the clip above, Lee Priest recounts along with his other family members the entire series of events leading up to Lee changing his last name and causing his father to disown him. Could this be a key piece of what made Lee the man he is today? The man who spoke his truth regardless of the repercussions from the IFBB pro league? Watch the clip above and decide for yourself.

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Lee Priest Vs Bodybuilding


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