First hand accounts on how Lee Priest trained harder than most pro bodybuilders.

Check out a brand new exclusive clip from Lee Priest Vs Bodybuilding – available on September 20! In this clip, Lee Priest, friends, and training partners discuss how he was one of the hardest training pro bodybuilders competing at the time.

Lee Priest is best known for speaking his truth and often getting himself into controversial waters in the bodybuilding community. But before he became the dark horse of bodybuilding, he was a genetic phenom with an incredible physique that many thought would take him to champion status. While a part of that was due to his incredible genetics, Lee Priest also trained like a complete monster. Pain was not a barrier as he pushed himself and his body to extremes.

While more recent injuries have prevented him form being able to train like he used to – many training partners, friends, and Lee Priest himself reflect back at his prime bodybuilding days and how his training compared to many of the other legendary talents competing at the time. Much like Ronnie Coleman, Lee Priest wasn’t worried about the future or the pain. He simply wanted to push himself because it was what he loved. So why would he hold back?

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Lee Priest Vs Bodybuilding

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