Welcome To Hell: Leg Day With Cody Montgomery, B-Pak, & Cormier

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Everyone knows that skipping out on leg day is a pretty foolish notion.

Why on earth would you want to miss the one day that you can make crazy gains? That’s right, there’s no reason you should. It seems that former IFBB bodybuilder and respected trainer Chris Cormier and current IFBB pro Ben Pakulski believe that to be the case as well. Recently the two have come together to film their hellish leg day training and they brought top prospect Cody Montgomery along for the ride. Watch Chris and Ben coaching the young bodybuilder through the torturous workout with such intensity that he pukes:

It looks like Chris and Ben are looking to get Cody into fighting form. Is this just a sign of things to come? The young man has already made great strides in his bodybuilding career thus far and teaming up with well respected pros like Pakulski and Cormier is only going to raise his stock. Even Ben had to get some work done in the gym and neither of them seemed all that happy while the torture ensued. But in the end, that is what makes champions. Being at the top of the bodybuilding world is a long and treacherous road and it takes this level of sacrifice and pain to bring dreams of being a champion to fruition.

Cody is a true talent and someone you should be keeping your eyes open for in the future. He has the potential to make some waves in the sport. If he has patience and diligence, he’ll be making good use of that pro card in no time. Training with pros and legends will only make that dream all the more possible.

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