Forgetting about leg day is one of the most unforgivable gym sins.

Okay, so only rookies forget about leg day when they’re hitting the gym, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t struggle as well. Even though we all know by now that leg day is crucial, it can still be agonizing to drag yourself to the gym, especially if the rest of you is still sore from doing other workouts. This leg motivation video from the youtube channel Raiden Motivation is here to get you up and off the couch. Looking at dudes with ripped legs can remind you why you started in the first place and of the stunning results you will achieve if you follow through with your ambitions!

Legs fill out the physique and complement the form. Also, we use them to walk. Where would any of us be without them? You should be grateful for your legs and reward them for being on your body by working out and making them huge. It’s not always easy to get there, but with hard work and determination, anyone can get buff. When you see champions like these on the stage, it’s as inspiring as it is terrifying, because it reminds you of your own potential. But don’t let that fear overwhelm you. Lean into it, and use it to motivate your leg day.

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