Leroy Walker Sets World Record With 114kg Strict Curl

Leroy Walker was able to crush the lift and set a new mark.

The strict curl world record is one that has been sought after for years now by many athletes. On Sunday, Leroy Walker became the powerlifter that was able to set a new mark with his incredible lift.

Walker completed a 114kg (250lb) strict curl to set a new world record. This beat the previous record set by Denis Cyplenkov in 2019 by a single kilogram. Walker took to Instagram to share his accomplishment and broke down the process.


Leroy Walker completed the record lift on his third attempt. He seemed to have plenty in the tank — even after failing on his first two attempts at a higher number. Walker began with a 259-pound attempt but could not finish it.

“There are moments you fail in order to appreciate success . This fail was one of those moments. I was actually proud to fail at 259. It meant I was in a great place. 250lbs had been achieved on my 3rd attempt. This was instead of my fourth. I had planned on going 220-230-235 and an attempt at 250 on a fourth,” Walker wrote on Instagram.

“After 230 I felt great and wanted to conserve energy for a shot at the world record. My programming said I was 243-248 ready. You never know until you know.”

This is not the first record that Walker has locked up. Back in June, he set the American strict curl record with a 102.5 (226lb) lift. This is a lift that has also been sought after. Different athletes, such as Larry Wheels and former Pittsburgh Steelers’ linebacker James Harrison, have been training to put up big numbers in the strict curl.

Now that Leroy Walker has successfully achieved the world record, it is the to build on it. There is a clear sense that Walker will continue to look for a higher number, especially after a couple failed attempts. This will be the new goal for Walker moving forward as he continues to put up eye-popping numbers.

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Greg Patuto
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