Part 1: King Kamali interviews Liz Gaspari in a revealing look into the sports supplement industry.


King Kamali had been teasing a very special interview for quite a while now. Unfortunately, the crisis affecting the entire world changed up the schedule leaving fans in bated breath. Well the wait is finally over, King Kamali has revealed his special guest interview and it’s none other than Liz Gasapri. A woman who rarely does interviews, she has been involved in the sports supplement world for many decades.

For those who aren’t familiar with Liz Gaspari, she is the former wife and partner of Rich Gaspari. During her time with Rich, she was also working at Gaspari Nutrition and very deeply involved with helping make it one of the leading brands in bodybuilding. To some, she is the queen of the supplement industry. A business woman who changed the game when it came to sports supplements in the bodybuilding space.

But Liz Gaspari’s story of how she got into the supplement world is a surprising one. Before joining Gaspari Nutrition, she knew very little about supplements at all. That’s why King Kamali wanted to sit down with Liz and chronicle her entire professional life leading into the supplement world. They also dive deep into the inner workings of developing and marketing supplements – touching upon topics regarding FDA’s constantly changing sanctions and lawsuits between supplement companies.

She provides a no nonsense look into what it really takes to make a successful supplement business. She also pulls the curtain back on just how competitive supplement brands can be in such a niche industry. The top of the mountain is a tall one – but there’s very little room for many to stand at the peak. The world of supplements can get a bit more dramatic than you might initially think.

In part one of Kamali’s two part interview with Liz Gaspari, they focus on the old school golden era of supplements and bodybuilding. They look back at the glory products that couldn’t exist with today’s government regulations and the monumental impact Gaspari Nutrition made on the supplement industry – with a lot of help from Liz’s no BS tactics.

You can check out part one of our King’s World interview with Liz Gaspari above!

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