Logan Paul talks about cancel culture, YouTube censorship crackdowns, and his controversial Japan suicide forest video.

As Logan Paul prepares for his big boxing match against fellow YouTube superstar KSI, he’s also reflecting on the past. In our sit down interview, Generation Iron director Vlad Yudin spoke with Logan about his past controversial attempts to go viral and how he sees them now in the wake of the growing cancel culture that has spread throughout social media. Specifically, Logan reflects on his most controversial video – where he recorded the dead body of a suicide victim in the infamous Japanese Suicide Forest.

A lot has changed in the world since Logan Paul posted that video – what would have happened to his career if something like that were to occur in 2019? And with the recent crackdown by YouTube and other content platform providers, does Logan feel worried that he can be dropped and take a big hit to his brand… perhaps forever?

Logan Paul touches base on all of these topics in Part 3 of our sit down interview and discusses how he considers himself to be a completely different person than the kid who posted the suicide video just about two years ago.

While his career will always be based on the search for another big viral event (like his upcoming boxing match with KSI), Logan claims that he puts “Logan the human” first now before the hunger to get clicks. Check it all out in the GI Exclusive video above!

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