If Lou Ferrigno could rewind time – would he have jumped into being The Hulk at the cost of never winning Mr. Olympia?

Lou Ferrigno is a bodybuilding legend in his own right – so fittingly Lou now owns and runs the Lou Ferrigno Legacy bodybuilding competition (which is on November 18 & 19 in Palm Springs California – mark your calendars!). Between his masterful physique, his memorable appearance in Pumping Iron, and eventually becoming known as The Incredible Hulk across the world… Lou Ferrigno can safely go down as one of the most successful bodybuilders in the history of the sport.

Shawn Ray sat down with Lou Ferrigno for an exclusive interview following his life from childhood all the way through bodybuilding, The Hulk, and his post retirement bodybuilding efforts. He also asks the most important question of all – if he could rewind time and do it all again… would he choose being Mr. Olympia over being The Hulk? Check out the interview above and find out!

Also make sure to check out the Lou Ferrigno Legacy on November 18 & 19! For full information make sure to check out the official website right here!