Lou Ferrigno Takes Tour Of Fitness Icon Jack LaLanne’s Home Gym

Lou Ferrigno was shown around by LaLanne’s wife, Elaine LaLanne.

Lou Ferrigno is known for his massive physique and is considered one of the pioneers of the sport of bodybuilding. Recently, Ferrigno took some time and shared his experience touring the gym of another fitness legend — Jack LaLanne.

The bodybuilder joined LaLanne’s wife, Elaine, for a special look at his home gym that is equipped with machines from the 1930’s. LaLanne was a fitness and nutrition guru and also worked as a motivational speaker. LaLanne began inspiring others to invest in their own health before it was mainstream. After his death in 2011, Arnold Schwarzenegger credited LaLanne for his work. This is something Ferrigno hit on early as well.

“Jack was way ahead of his time. Way ahead. In the late 1930s, people condoned weight training, they said you workout with weights, you get stiff and muscle unbalance,” Lou Ferrigno said.

“They didn’t understand what nutrition was. Back in World War II, a lot of people were smoking. People were going home having a drink and smoking but Jack was a pioneer. He knew about this.”

Lou Ferrigno began his tour by showing off some machines that Jack LaLanne innovated himself. This is before the new gym technology was founded. The machine that is showed off is an earlier version of machines used today where the pin can be inserted into the person’s desired weight. 

This is just one example of how bodybuilding and weight training have come a long way. In the early 1900s, the methods were much different and LaLanne is credited with helping take some big steps forward.

“This one is an old-fashioned. This is before Smith invented a Smith machine. Jack’s idea, with two pipes and two simple leg presses, with these weights. Amazing, and she said these were from back in the 30s.”

Lou Ferrigno is one bodybuilder that has reaped the benefits of weight training over the years. He built a physique that is still iconic today on the bodybuilding stage and the big screen.

Ferrigno developed a rivalry with Schwarzenegger during the crux of their careers. This includes some battles during Mr. Olympia competitions. Ferrigno won Mr. America and Mr. Universe titles during his career before moving to acting. He is best known for his role as The Incredible Hulk. Ferrigno quickly became one of the biggest names in bodybuilding and was known for his incredible strength.

“What an incredible woman, inspiration and legend @jackandelaine_lalanne is.

I’m honored to have been able to call her my friend for decades now.

It’s amazing how positive and energetic Elaine is. Though Jack has been gone from us for a while now I know he’s smiling down watching us in his home gym.

Miss you Jack,” Ferrigno wrote on Instagram.

Lou Ferrigno is an important member of the history of bodybuilding. Jack LaLanne is another influential figure in fitness and has been for many years. It is amazing to see some of the early equipment that was used while weight training and how it has enhanced over the years. LaLanne certainly helped pave the way for today’s generation.

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