Lukas Osladil May Have The Craziest Posing Of The Year

Standing out from the crowd

Arnold Classic continues to reign supreme when it comes to posing. While Mr. Olympia is definitely the biggest show in the business, Arnold Classic has a certain personality that can’t be denied. One of it’s biggest standouts is it’s emphasis on posing. At Arnold Classic Europe 2016 we got something unexpected. While most of the posing routines were up to par, Czech Republic’s Lukas Osladil stole the show. In a 3 minute routine he managed to show grace, flexibility, pop and locking, and probably the most impressive a glute stretch we’ve ever seen. Ever heard of a double jointed posterior? Me either, but Lukas Osladil might be the guy to make it a “thing”.

After the routine Lukas said it was the first time he’s ever received so much pause and congratulations after an event. Well deserved, this routine won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Although Osladil ultimately placed 10th at the event, he left #1 in the hearts and minds of the people that were watching. What do you think of posing in modern day bodybuilding?

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