Luke Stoltman Crushes 661-Pound Pause Deadlifts For A Triple

Strongman Luke Stoltman continues to put up some huge numbers preparing for 2022.

The Stoltman brothers have climbed to the top of the powerlifting game. Both have recently been invited to participate in the 2022 Arnold Strongman Classic and this is just one event for what could be a packed year in 2022. This is especially true for Luke Stoltman if he is able to continue this level of training.

Luke Stoltman seems determined to increase his numbers heading into the new year. This was made clear when Europe’s Strongest Man loaded 661 pounds on the bar and completed three reps while pausing in between. Stoltman completed this lift without a belt. This has gone with Stoltman’s recent trend of lifting heavy in order to reach his max.

Luke Stoltman entered a training session with his brother Tom Stoltman, who has been more focused on high volume speed reps. In a recent video posted to the Stoltman Brothers YouTube page, you can see how Luke completed these deadlifts and the form he used to do so.

During the 2021 Rogue Invitation, Luke Stoltman struggled with deadlifts and this was his weakest lift at the event. It is clear that he wats to bump up those numbers and has been doing so by lifting extremely heavy.


Despite this performance at the Rogue Invitation, Stoltman was able to put up a big year in 2021. He won the 2021 Europe’s Strongest Man and 2021 Giants Live World Tour Finals. At the Giants Live, Tom Stoltman finished second to his brother. Stoltman is known for massive lifts and thrives in log lift.

In 2020, Stoltman set the British record with a 221kg (487lb) log lift. It seems as though he could attempt the world record in the coming year. This is currently held by Iron Biby at 229kg (504.8lb). For the time being, Stoltman seems to have his focus on deadlifts and strengthening a part of his craft that has been down recently.

If Luke Stoltman is able to get his numbers up, there is no telling what levels he will be able to reach. Stoltman already has one show on tap for 2022 at the Arnold Strongman Classic. It will be interesting to see when he competes next and what he decides to attempt. There is no doubt that he continues to be one of the top strongmen in the world and lifts like this remind us all.

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