Mac Trucc on drug testing: “Bodybuilders are rewarded for taking steroids.”

Last year, Arnold Schwarzenegger called for drug testing in professional bodybuilding and set a constantly evolving debate across the industry that is still being discussed today. Mac Trucc thinks that Arnold’s statements are hypocritical due to the fact that Arnold and his era set the standard and certainly used drugs in their time. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Mac Trucc reacts to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s call for drug testing in bodybuilding.

When asked what Mac Trucc thinks about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s statements about drug testing in bodybuilding – Trucc immediately starts laughing. He quickly responds: “That’s the craziest shit in the world!” Why? Because Trucc points out that Arnold was doing the same thing during his time. It’s part of what made him a superstar.

Mac Trucc goes on to explain that he thinks it is hypocritical for someone to set a standard and then suddenly ask to take it away. Arnold Schwarzenegger is no longer an active bodybuilder – at least not in any sort of professional way. So it’s easy for him and his image to condemn steroid use in the sport.

Beyond Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, Mac Trucc goes on to detail why he thinks it would be a bad move to drug test in bodybuilding. He points out that Natural Bodybuilding leagues already exist and they don’t find much success. He also talks about how the current league “rewards” bodybuilders for using steroids. The shock to the system would decrease the quality of athletes and take away the core fanbase of the sport.

But does the use of steroids prevent the sport from going mainstream with a bigger and wider audience? Mac Trucc doesn’t think so. He points out that WWE wrestling has tones of steroid use – but they are a massive hit broadcast throughout the year. Trucc goes on to detail that it’s all about how much money the leagues are willing to spend that will determine if it can become mainstream. If bodybuilding leagues found a way to invest on a level similar to wrestling – it would likely get bigger and find a wider audience regardless of steroid use.

You can watch Mac Trucc’s full reaction to drug testing in bodybuilding by watching our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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