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Mac Trucc got his start with bodybuilding at a young age and it’s what helped him move beyond his gang past. Well, move beyond isn’t exactly accurate. Mac Trucc still associates with a gang today – but in his words he’s “no longer on the streets.” Growing up, Mac Trucc found himself brought into the gang lifestyle but saw bodybuilding as a way to go legitimate. In that community, his success as a bodybuilder is seen as something to celebrate.

In our full length interview with Mac Trucc, he goes into detail about his childhood, his gang past, and his rise through the ranks as a bodybuilding personality and athlete. He also discusses in great detail how he met Rich Piana, became one of the few people who were very close to him, and the eventually fallout that ensued. While Rich Piana was a public personality and watched by hundreds of thousands online, not many knew the real man behind the personality. Mac Trucc did – and he opens up completely about his relationship with the late bodybuilding personality.

Mac Trucc also touches upon the latest trending topics in bodybuilding such as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s drug testing comments, the Shawn Rhoden sexual assault accusations, and the current state of bodybuilding physiques today.

It’s a beast of an interview clocking in well over an hour and a half – but certainly an interesting dive into the mind of a man with a varied past and different perspective on bodybuilding as a whole.


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