A Man Did 100 Burpees A Day For One Month To See How It Changed His Physique

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Fitness YouTuber Laurie Shaw took on his latest fitness challenge here.

Laurie Shaw is a fitness star that has built a large following on YouTube and other social media platforms thanks to his incredible challenges. Recently, Shaw took on the battle of performing 100 burpees each day for one month to see how it changed his physique.

On his YouTube page, Shaw is seen doing many fitness challenges that tests his strength in many ways. This includes Olympia sprinting and running while also training in Muay Thai and Krav Maga. This time, it was focused around a full-body movement that works many muscles with each rep.

Shaw began this challenge because he found himself traveling at a high rate and could not make it to the gym on a regular basis. This does not mean that he was not able to train at all.


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Laurie Shaw Tackles Latest Fitness Challenge

The idea of performing 100 burpees each day for one month might sound crazy to some but Laurie Shaw wanted to track his progress, both in his physique and time to complete the exercises. On Day one, he completed all 100 burpees in 10:40.

“It feels like a good mix of muscle, obviously the pushup, shoulders, chest, mixed with aerobic fitness.”

From this day on, he saw that the work became easier and he was able to cut a significant amount of time off his exercise. On the final day of this challenge, Shaw hit all 100 burpees in just seven minutes.

“Somedays you’ll certainly feel more on top of it and some days are harder. Day to day, the actual difference in progress wasn’t so noticeable and in that way it became more of a mental game.”

How To Perform A Burpee

Burpees come in a number of variations and coaches may teach the movements differently – some require a push-up during the plank phase while others do not. Others do not require a jump at the end of the movement, while others do not. The following coaching points will teach how to perform the conventional burpee from start to finish.

  1. Squat down and place the hands flat on the floor at approximately shoulder width apart
  2. From this position, jump the legs back into a full plank
  3. Hinge at the elbows and drop into a full push up ensuring the chest makes contact with the floor before returning to the plank position (if required, drop to the knees for the push-up)
  4. Jump the feet back to the start position ensuring that the feet are placed wider than the hips
  5. From the deep squat position, powerfully drive upwards into a vertical jump and bring the arms up and overhead
  6. Land safely keeping the knees out and repeat for the prescribed number of reps

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