Kai Greene will be joining Super League… but not leaving IFBB.

Recent reports have claimed that Kai Greene has joined the super league and will not compete in the IFBB or Olympia ever again. We here at Generation Iron can now confirm that Kai Greene will in fact be joining the newly founded Super League but he IS NOT leaving the IFBB.

Kai’s representative has confirmed this information with Generation Iron and has explicitly told us that the IFBB has granted permission for Kai to join this new league – causing no issues with his future in the IFBB. To use a popular word these days… reports that Kai is leaving the IFBB completely is “fake news.” Kai Greene has officially signed the contract for joining the Super League.

“Kai Greene has not left the IFBB. Any reports stating otherwise is fake news.” states Kai Greene representative Edwin Mejia Jr., “Right now Kai is focused on all of his global ventures in entertainment and Hollywood including a role in a major TV series this fall.”

Kai Greene has already spread his name and brand into many other ventures such as signing with the Gersh Agency, acting (including a massive TV show role coming this fall), his new comic book King Kai, and his supplement company Dynamik Muscle.

The Super League was a newly created sport and league combining strength & aesthetics for a brand new fusion of bodybuilding and powerlifting. Dorian Yates is the president and it held it’s first ever competition this past July. There have also been reports that popular bodybuilding and fitness stars CT Fletcher and Rich Piana will be joining the Super League with confirmation coming soon.

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    • Super League doesn’t seem to have the potential to take any fans, money, endorsements or competitors away from IFBB so there’s really no need to monopolize competitors from competing in both…

    • Justin Braun Nike and BB.com have deeeeeeep pockets and getting Stan Efferding, Mike o Hearn, Dorian Yates and Kai Greene involved not only shows that they are investing a lot of money into this project, it also shows that these guys see it’s potential and are willing to put their reputations on the line as well. I’m personally psyched as hell to see how this goes….

    • Justin Braun I wish I could pinpoint which video it was but it was of Kai loosely explaining why he didn’t compete in the last Olympia with all that “contract” nonsense… but then a few days later a video came out where he was explaining why he actually “wouldn’t compete anymore” it was vague but it ABSOLUTELY had to to do with his unwillingness to continue with “substances” that he knew would take years off his life. I knew the second I watched that video he would never compete again. It all in how he said it… But I’ve always been a fan and always will be. He’s a guy that has never been afraid to be himself.

    • Politics in BB are a b*
      He is making a good choice by giving up substances, life is more important than anything! I’ll support kai in whatever decision he makes. He is one of the greatest athletes in bb and his routine is always cool to watch. He had a hard life and never gave up, in my mind that is a true champion

    • Justin Braun very well put. I’ve respected him in all he does. Ya he’s a weird, artistic pervert. Dude, but at least he isn’t afraid to show it and be himself. Not to compare, but Phil only talks about tailored suits, watches and custom cars. Kai actually has substance and character. I’m a fan of his always.

  1. All internet trolls and haters, read the Super League faq’s and tell me this doesn’t seem like a cool idea. I’m the first in line to bash an idea like this and personally, I can’t wait until I see guys like Kai compete here! Go Super League!

  2. He’s not competitive anyways so who cares If he leaves
    All he does is push bullcrap supplements. Take glorified photo shoots. And talk about bullcrap philosophy and mind muscle connection every video.
    Crap is getting old

  3. Doesn’t make any sense if you join super league isn’t that leaving the ifbb I mean from one you’ve already left the ifbb you’re not even competing anymore you don’t even compete in the Olympia you just go around working out all the time posting on Snapchat and Facebook boosting your supplement company motivating people and that’s all great but you haven’t competed at all who won the world would turn down an invitation to be in the Olympia? Disgrace to bodybuilding how far as I’m concerned, unless you go in Battlefield one more time it’s doesn’t matter though super League going to be awesome

  4. Good for him. The ifbb fucked him for one reason or another. Now he’s done with them. And now they want him back because of the revenue he brings in. That’s why they brought back Kevin and flex.


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