Former Mr. India Manoj Patil Attempted Suicide, Mentioned Harassment By Sahil Khan In Letter

Manoj Patil is in stable condition after attempting to take his own life.

Former Mr. India and professional bodybuilder Manoj Patil attempted to take his own life on Wednesday in his Mumbai residence. Patil consumed a large amount of pills and was rushed to Cooper Hospital. His manager says the incident took place around 12:30 am.

Patil previously filed a complaint against actor Sahil Khan after alleging he was being harassed. Khan was also mentioned in Patil’s suicide note. Patil is in stable condition after consuming sleeping pills.

Manoj Patil and Sahil Khan have had a recent feud over social media. Both sides have posted about the other in recent days. Patil posted a video four days ago where he is calling Khan fake and it was followed up yesterday day by a mockery video made by Khan.

Patil has earned his Pro Card in IFBB and has represented India on stage at many international competitions. Patil has competed in the Mr. Olympia amateur four times, Mr. Asia once, and the Sheru Classic — where he was the Men’s Physique winner in 2019. This is where Patil was able to earn his Pro card.

Sahil Khan held a press conference on Thursday to address the issue and said that the main problem is not between himself and Patil.

“No one wants to talk about the real issue, but everyone is reporting that a person committed suicide because of Sahil Khan,” Khan said.


“First of all, committing suicide is a crime in India. Manoj should understand that. Raj has transaction receipts of Rs 2 lakhs with Manoj’s name mentioned on it and not mine. If I come and sell drugs outside your house and if you put that up on social media, would I be able to say that you are bullying me?”

Khan continued by saying that the feud was between Patil and Raj Faujdar. He does not have an issue with Manoj Patil.

“Nothing like that,” Khan said. “Manoj used to work for our company as an influencer. So there is nothing personal against him. Why was there no mention in Manoj’s suicide note that ‘Raj Faujdar contacted Sahil Khan and the actor shared his story on social media and that is the reason I’m doing this’.”

“Our lawyers are working on the situation now and we will file a complaint. This is a big racket, the FDI might also be involved in this. Those who are manufacturing fake supplements should be punished. And if I have committed a crime, then I should get punished too.”

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Greg Patuto
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