PNBA Athlete Marc Cheatham Says the 3 Crucial Tips for Fat Loss

Marc Cheatham tips for getting abs

PNBA bodybuilder Marc Cheatham names the 3 essential things to drop body fat.

There’s a lot of information surrounding fat loss on the web, but losing body fat can be simplified and comes down to just a few key steps. Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) athlete Marc Cheatham voiced the 3 keys to losing body fat. 

Marc Cheatham is a natural bodybuilder with a lot of potentials. He entered the natural bodybuilding scene in 2021, winning his first pro show and competing at Natural Olympia. He also has a multi-media contract with Generation Iron, Iron Man Magazine, and the INBA PNBA. Cheatham said:

“If your goal is to lose body fat and transform your body then these 3 things are crucial for your success!

✅ 1) Figure out how much food you need to eat to lose body fat

-The food is the most important part to getting results and keeping them.

-You need to figure out how many calories your body needs to lose body fat. Figure out your BMR number!

-Then track everything you eat and don’t go over that number 

✅ 2)Workout with intensity

– Make sure you are going hard during your workout.

– Don’t be sitting on your phone scrolling

– make sure you push yourself and use challenging weights 

– Intensity of your workouts will play a big role on your body adapting and changing 

✅ 3) Get quality rest

-Training everyday of the week is not going to lead to results 

– The body needs time to rest and improve in between workouts

– If you workout with enough intensity and your food is dialed in you don’t need to train no more than 4 days a week”

You can see a clip of Cheatham explaining these 3 things below. 

3 Steps for Fat Loss 

According to Marc Cheatham, you should follow these 3 steps for fat loss: track your food, use heavy weight, and rest

Track Your Nutrition 

Of course, to lose weight, you must consume fewer calories to get into a caloric deficit. And it’s only possible to know that you’re in a caloric deficit entirely by knowing your metabolic rate and how many calories you eat. Also, consuming the correct macronutrient ratio is essential as well. Finally, Cheatham noted that eating enough protein is critical for building muscle

Workout Intensity 

Nutrition is the most crucial aspect of fat loss, but that’s not to say your workouts aren’t necessary. Working out properly with the correct intensity is imperative to burn more calories during your workout and to put on the muscle you need to speed up your metabolism. Marc Cheatham says to use heavy weight no matter what reps you aim for. 


Lastly, you need rest. Your muscles grow while you’re away from the gym, giving your body the rest it needs. Sleep is an essential component of proper rest. So make sure you’re getting enough sleep and quality sleep. Secondly, take days off from the gym. 

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