3 More INBA PNBA Natural Bodybuilding Athletes Sign Multi-media Contract

INBA PNBA athletes sign multi-media deal

Brandon Lirio, Derek Joe, and Marc Cheatham are the next three INBA PNBA natural athletes to sign a multi-media contract with Generation Iron, INBA PNBA, and Iron Man Magazine. 

The INBA PNBA is making big moves in the natural bodybuilding realm. They’re signing a wave of natural bodybuilding athletes to multi-media contracts and recently signed three more – Brandon Lirio, Derek Joe, and Marc Cheatham. Each athlete has accepted a multi-media deal with Generation Iron, INBA PNBA, and Iron Man Magazine. The three new INBA PNBA athletes who signed expressed their feelings on Instagram (IG). Here’s what each of them had to say below.

Brandon Lirio’s statement:

“I’m so excited about this new opportunity for natural bodybuilding! 

Thank you to both @ironmanmagazine and @generationiron for the incredible honor of being one of the natural athletes selected for a multi-media deal to showcase the base the sport has to offer!”

Derek Joe’s statement:

“This is huge, guys. This is a big deal. Not just for myself, but for natural athletes all over the world. This is the first time in history that we’ve had this opportunity as natural athletes.”

Marc Cheatham’s statement:

“I’m pumped for this opportunity! 

This past year was great and it feels good to be rewarded like this from all the work I put in

Looking forward to this partnership and continuing to grow in the world of natural bodybuilding with @inbapnbaglobal_officiaL”

Derek Joe is the reigning 2021 Natural Olympia Classic Physique champ, so it’s no surprise that he signed. Brandon Lirio is a 3x Natural Olympia champion and PNBA Pro Hall of Famer. And Marc Cheatham is a rising star who placed in the top 6 in his first Natural Olympia at 2021 Natural Olympia

The INBA PNBA is changing the game of natural bodybuilding and expanding it through innovative new bodybuilding categories and bringing more attention and benefits to natural athletes. The INBA PNBA stated that the contract is:

“An opportunity for a natural bodybuilding athlete to acquire renown and recognition in the sport of Natural Bodybuilding, exploiting Association’s promotional campaign via the Iron Man Magazine, news and events, and the Generation Iron platform.”

Why Is This Big News? 

Well, for starters, as Derek Joe stated, this is a big deal for natural athletes, and it’s the first time in the history of natural bodybuilding that this has ever been done. The INBA PNBA has been around since 1988, and it’s been growing ever since. They’re in over 60 countries. 

Signing allows athletes to develop in their natural bodybuilding careers. In addition, they’ll get help with promotion and brand building – digital media write-ups, social media posts, and photoshoots. Athletes will also get the opportunity for special guest appearances, posing, and seminar sessions. Moreover, the signed athletes will receive Iron Man Magazine nutrition ads and endorsements.

INBA PNBA athletes who earn a contract are looking for professional growth opportunities and are in good standing with the league. Furthermore, they’ve agreed to in-season and off-season drug testing abiding by the most demanding drug-testing standards – World Anti-doping Agency (WADA), the standards the Olympics use

Generation Iron would like to congratulate Brandon Lirio, Derek Joe, and Marc Cheatham for signing with us and the INBA PNBA and Iron Man Magazine team. We’re excited about what’s to come!

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