How PNBA Peter Cichonski Continues to Build Muscle at 60

Peter Cichonski discusses anabolic hormones and aging
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PNBA athlete Peter Cichonski’s secret to building muscle and getting leaner at 60. 

Most people know that staying in shape as you get older is more arduous, especially for those experiencing it. There’s a reason why their’s age classes in bodybuilding. Although, they’re have been some athletes that stay muscular and lean no matter their age. And some build their best physique’s later in life. Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) athlete Peter Cichonski is a natural bodybuilder who’s continued to build muscle and lose body fat at 60.  

Cichonski has a multi-media contract with Generation Iron, Iron Man Magazine, and the INBA PNBA. Additionally, he competes in the Men’s Bodybuilding Grand Masters division, placing in the top three at the 2021 Naural Olympia

Cichonski shared a recent physique update on his Instagram page, where he claims he’s bigger and leaner than last year. Cichonski stated:

“Getting leaner but still sitting 6-7 pounds above last year’s Natural Olympia weight this year‘s science project is called #deuteriumdepletion . One of my greatest passions is using Natural Bodybuilding as a testing ground to learn about health, wellness and lifespan. At 60 years young I’m still learning. Enjoy the process!”

Peter Cichonski’s Secret to Building Muscle at 60  

What’s Peter Cichonski’s secret? Cichonski praises the sun’s natural light for his ability to continue to build muscle and lean out and stay young. In a recent social media post, Cichonski said:

“Did you know that NATURAL light not only is the master programmer for the human brain but also Is able to produce energy in the body without food. that’s right, the blue light from the sun manages your body’s circadian rhythm while red and infrared light from the sun maximizes energy production even without food from your human batteries, your mitochondria. By exercising outside you make more energy naturally while expending energy for your workout. Now that’s efficiency”

It looks like all of Cichonski’s outside training has been paying off. In another Instagram post, Cichonski said that his competition weight is the heaviest in almost 35 years. Cichonski’s fellow competitor Chad Martin has also expressed training as you age. And both agree with natural bodybuilding and the right routine, you can stay in amazing shape at any age. 

Natural Universe 

Labor Day weekend is almost underway, and the INBA PNBA has one of its biggest shows taking place over the weekend in Tampa, FL, Natural Universe. 2022 Pro/Am INBA PNBA Natural Universe has over 30 pros competing this year, with some coming in from different countries, like Ivan Puga (Mexico), Christian Kellenberger (Germany), and tattoo champion Ken Ross (Australia). In addition, the reigning Classic Physique champion Derek Joe will also appear in the Pro Classic Physique Open class. All athletes competing at this event will qualify for the 2022 Natural Olympia in Las Vegas from November 10-13. Also, the new INBA PNBA category, Wellness, will debut. 

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