PNBA Athlete Peter Cichonski Trains Outside to Boost Bodybuilding Gains

Peter Cichonski trains outside

PNBA bodybuilder Peter Cichonski details why he trains outside. 

Natural bodybuilders must strategically work out and follow the best protocol to give them an edge in bodybuilding, even more so since drugs are prohibited. For example, Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) athlete Peter Cichonski trains outside because he believes that the sun has ample benefits for your body. 

Peter Cichonski is a multi-media athlete with Generation Iron, International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA)/PNBA. He competes in the Men’s Bodybuilding category and was third in the Men’s Bodybuilding Grand Masters division at 2021 Natural Olympia

Cichonski firmly believes in the powerful effects natural light has on your carcadian rhythm. Peter Cichonski stated:

“I train outdoors with shorts and no shirt utilizing natural wavelengths of blue light to keep my body functioning at the right time, red light to maximize energy output from my mitochondria, and ultraviolet light to make vitamin d.”

According to Cichonski, training outside will give you access to the sun’s rays to maximize cellular energy. He asserts this will slow aging and boosts your strength, endurance, and recovery. 

Below is a clip of Cichonski performing barbell squats outside. 

Training Outside Benefits

Working outside has ample benefits. As Cichonski said, it will exploit the sun’s potent rays. Cichonski claims that the sun’s red light will help you live longer. Cichonski said:

“Do you know why most people don’t live to see 100? basically with every decade of life that passes we lose approximately 10% of our human batteries (mitochondria) ability to make energy for our cells. so right around 100 years old the batteries no longer produce energy. not much different than how the battery in your cell phone works.”

Of course, the sun also provides you with vitamin D, which has ample benefits, including regulating mood and strengthening your immune system and bones. 

Cichonsk isn’t the only natural bodybuilder to praise the staggering effects of outdoor workouts. For example, PNBA athlete Gomori Andras affirms that outdoor exercise cures anxiety. And PNBA contender Erika Sweeney applauds vitamin D

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Natural Bodybuilding and Drug Testing

Natural bodybuilders in the INBA PNBA league are vetted by the highest drug testing standards in professional sports – the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Therefore, they must utilize state-of-the-art training and nutrition practices to build the best natural physique worldwide. 

Any INBA PNBA caught doping will be stripped of their title and placed in the Hall of Shame. With many deaths in bodybuilding coming to the surface, more and more fans and bodybuilders are considering the natty route. Natural bodybuilding leagues like the INBA PNBA allows bodybuilders a platform to compete at the highest level of bodybuilding in a safe and just environment. 

Moreover, some natural bodybuilders in the INBA PNBA have used natural bodybuilding as an outlet when battling cancer


PNBA bodybuilder Peter Cichonski trains outside because he believes that the sun’s rays have potent effects on your body. He says the sun will aid your circadian rhythm and mitochondrial efficiency, slowing aging and boosting your strength. 

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