Natural Bodybuilder Erika Sweeney Explains Vital Reasons to Take Vitamin D Supplements In Bodybuilding

Erika Sweeney discusses taking a vitamin D supplement

PNBA Figure pro competitor Erika Sweeney has solid reasons you should start taking a vitamin D supplement. 

The bulk of your fitness results will come from your diet and workouts. However, taking the right supplements can work wonders for your health. A supplement that is sure to do this is vitamin D, and International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA)/Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) Figure pro Erika Sweeney says why.

Erika Sweeney placed well at 2021 Natural Olympia in the Figure division. She received third place in Figure Classic and second in Figure Masters. Regarding vitamin D supplementation, Sweeney stated:

“Look up the side effects of vitamin D deficiency. Feel all of them? Simple addition to relieve the body pain, lethargy and depression. Gummies every day!”

According to Sweeney, not getting enough of this vitamin can lead to many problems, including pain, fatigue, and mental health issues.  

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is responsible for building and strengthening your bones. And it’s essential for your immune health and energy levels. Without adequate levels, your chances of illness are increased, and excessive fatigue is a common side effect. Furthermore, your mental and bone health can take a toll if you’re low on vitamin D. 

You get vitamin D from the sun and certain foods, including salmon, tuna, orange juice, and milk. However, suppose you aren’t consuming enough of these foods or spending enough time in the sun. In that case, it’s recommended that you take a vitamin D supplement to avoid a deficiency. 

In fact, vitamin D deficiency is prevalent in the United States. (1)

Below is Erika Sweeney’s entire social media post on the matter. 


Better Your Health

Aside from Erika Sweeney mentioning solid reasons to take a vitamin D supplement, she informed people of more health tips about diet and exercise. Sweeney said:

“diet: add veggies to every meal, cut down the sugars and avoid processed and fried food most of the time. Consider it a chance to learn about how your body reacts to food rather than the deprivation. 

Exercise: find something you enjoy to get active. Go for hikes, yoga , 20 min work outs. Just get it started.”

Of course, exercise and nutrition are the most important things you can do for your health and fitness. Sweeney recommends cutting down on sugar and avoiding processed foods and fried food. And for workouts, she says to move and find an activity you like. 

Natural Bodybuilding 

Natural bodybuilding is an excellent sport for people with a competitive nature that like to compete, build relationships, and above all, protect their health. Of course, exercise and nutrition play a crucial role in your health. However, certain lifestyle habits, such as doping, can be horrendous for your health

Natural bodybuilding allows you to exercise and eat right while avoiding drugs. That’s because if you get caught doping in natural bodybuilding leagues, you’re out. For instance, the INBA PNBA bans competitors for competing, strips them of their titles, and uploads them to the Hall of Shame


Vitamin D is vital for your health. A deficiency can lead to all sorts of issues, including anxiety and depression, brittle bones, and a weak immune system. If you aren’t getting enough vitamin D from foods and sunlight, opt for a quality vitamin D supplement

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