Natural Bodybuilder Peter Cichonski Shares Surprising Secret to Living Longer

Peter Cichonski signs multi-media contract

Men’s Bodybuilding Grand Masters Natural Olympia bronze medalist Peter Cichonski reveals a secret to living longer. 

It’s no surprise that exercising and nutrition are an essential part of living a long life. Although, there are other things you can do outside of diet and physical activity that can affect your longevity. For example, a healthy lifestyle and avoiding unhealthy habits, such as smoking and drinking, can increase your lifespan. Additionally, an International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA)/Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) Natural Olympia third-place winner shares another hack for decreasing aging. According to Peter Cichonski, red light from the sun will slow aging. On social media, he shared a few posts explaining how this works. 

Cichonski said that the sun contains 43% red light and infrared light. And that receiving red light from the sun penetrates upwards of 12 inches through your skin. Cichonski claims that your mitochondria (cells power) use red light to maximize cellular energy. Cichonski stated:

“Any time you can see the sun you can absorb red light. since we lose approximately 10% efficiency of our mitochondria With  every decade of life that passes, maximize your Energy output with natural red light, it’s free.”

Likewise, Peter Cichonski has several other Instagram posts supporting his belief that the light you receive from the sun is good for your body. He believes that the sun will maximize your circadian rhythm and mitochondrial efficiency. And he acknowledges that light from the sun will do more than just slow aging. But realigning your circadian rhythm will “supercharge your strength, endurance, and recovery.” 

Below you can view an Instagram post from Cichonski expressing how red light improves your body. 


Who Is Peter Cichonski? 

Peter Cichonski is a professional natural bodybuilder and chiropractor. At this past Natural Olympia (2021), Cichonski shared the stage with the top natural bodybuilders in the world, including legend Philip Ricardo Jr. and fellow Hall of Famer Chad Martin, and walked away with a third-place finish in the Men’s Grand Masters division. 

Mitochondria and Aging

Mitochondria are regarded as the powerhouse of your cells. They take the energy you use from food and turn it into energy your cells can use. They also contribute to the aging process. As you age, your mitochondria “battery” declines. 

Peter Cichonski blames your mitochondria for preventing you from living past 100. Cichonski asserted:

“Do you know why most people don’t live to see 100? Basically with every decade of life that passes we lose approximately 10% of our human batteries (mitochondria) ability to make energy for our cells. so right around 100 years old the batteries no longer produce energy. not much different than how the battery in your cell phone works.”

Natural Bodybuilding Can Increase Your Lifespan

Besides the red light you receive from sunlight, natural bodybuilding is an excellent sport for increasing your lifespan. According to Kayla Rowling – Bikini Divas 2021 Natural Olympia champ – natural bodybuilding can balance your masculine and feminine energies

Furthermore, natural bodybuilding leagues don’t allow doping into the sport. And the largest natural bodybuilding federation, the INBA PNBA, has the most advanced drug testing method to prevent athletes from partaking in banned substancesthe World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

In fact, pro natural bodybuilder Mati Scopinaro expressed his strong views on the devastation of drugs in the sport of natural bodybuilding and how it affects your health


Continue to exercise and eat healthily, but make sure you get your daily vitamin D dosage via the sun to take advantage of the natural red light you receive to increase your lifespan

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