Kayla Rowling Praises Natural Bodybuilding for Balancing Yin and Yang

Kayla Rowling - Natural Olympia

Kayla Rowling thanks natural bodybuilding for balancing masculine and feminine energy. 

If you were tuned in to 2021 Natural Olympia this past November, you might remember the stunning Kayla Rowling. She was the champion of the Bikini Divas Open division and back-to-back winner. In the Bikini Divas class, contestants are judged on their presentation, individuality, and sex appeal. So not only do you need to be toned and look good, but you have to present yourself in a way that’s alluring to the judges. 

Kayla Rowling believes balancing and cultivating her masculine, and feminine energies played a role in her success. And she credits natural bodybuilding for helping her find this equilibrium. On an Instagram (IG) post posted on November 23, 2021, Rowling said:

“Lifting weights is very masculine and I need it, but bodybuilding gives you the best of both worlds. Once you understand the right amounts you need of both you are completely balanced and you feel whole.”

Here’s the IG post below where Kayla Rolwing goes into detail on how you can increase your feminine energy:



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Kayla Rowling is proof of how powerful these energies are for success. In 2019, Rowling placed 15th at Natural Olympia yet was able to earn a champion medal within two years. On IG, she voiced, “Everyone wants to avoid pain and seek out pleasure. I do the opposite!”

Masculine and Feminine Energy

Kayla Rowling Masculine and Feminine Energy

According to Chinese philosophy, Yin is your feminine energy, and Yang is your masculine energy. Masculine energy represents fire, and feminine energy represents water. Power and fierce come to mind when you think of fire. Whereas with water, you muse therapeutic and healing. In a sense, both of these are analogically linked to your traits. The masculine side symbolizes strength, purpose, competitiveness, and decisiveness. Feminine energy denotes intuitiveness, empathy, and passion. 

Both are important for you to feel happy and fulfilled. And letting one get out of whack can wreak havoc on all areas of your life – health, relationships, and career. With too much masculine energy, it leads to anger and ego. In contrast, an overflow of feminine energy can make you frail. A fluid dance between the two is the key to balancing these powerful energies. 

On IG, Rowling stated: 

“When you are in your feminine energy, you have a strong connection to your body and your intuition, and you make decisions based on what you feel in your heart. It’s what you tap into when you are being creative and inspired. It loves beauty, is fluid, empathetic, passionate, and flows from moment to moment like the waters of a river. 

Masculine is all about taking action; loves to build (weight lifting) and loves to fix things. Masculine energies are strong, decisive, competitive, likes to win and break through barriers. Its energy is logical and rational.”

Final Word

Balancing your masculine and feminine energy is being harmonious to help you achieve your dreams. Fortunately, weightlifting is a great way to stabilize your Yin and Yang for all the fellow lifting brothers and sisters. So if there’s any other excuse you need to bang metal and plates around, honing your energy is a force to be reckoned with.

Generation Iron would like to congratulate Kayla Rowling for her success at 2021 Natural Olympia. And the positive energy she spreads to others.

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