Natural Bodybuilding Hall of Famer Explains Why Hammer Deadlifts Trump Conventional Deadlifts

Chad Martin performs machine hammer deadlifts
Image via Instagram @chadmartinhof

INBA PNBA Hall of Famer Chad Martin explains why he prefers machine hammer deadlifts over conventional deadlifts. 

Did you know that a slight change in your deadlift routine can allow you to work your legs more efficiently? Every devoted lifter knows the importance of deadlifts. They’re one of the big three lifts – bench press, squat, and deadlift. And they’re referred to as the king of all exercises (along with squats) for a good reason. Deadlifts build you a robust posterior chainglutes, hamstrings, and back. Although, a slight change in your deadlifts variation can excel your gains. According to INBA PNBA Hall of Famer Chad Martin, the machine hammer deadlift allows you to have more range of motion than conventional deadlifts. Here’s what Martin said on Instagram (IG):

“Instead of regular #deadlift especially no bumper plates or pads under #plates I prefer #Hammer#deadlifts. Pulled out 4 inch rubber and replaced with 2 inch then stand on small platform to get better leg depth.”

You can see Chad Martin performing hammer deadlifts below. 



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At 2021 Natural Olympia, Chad Martin competed in the Men’s Bodybuilding Grand Masters division and placed in the top five, receiving fourth place. The Bodybuilding Grand Masters division is for competitors aged 50+. Although these athletes are older than many contestants in the open division, this class is still competitive. Additionally, natural bodybuilding legend Philip Ricardo Jr. (2021 Men’s Bodybuilding Grand Masters champ), and the first Vegan to earn a multi-media contract with Generation Iron, the INBA PNBA, and Iron Man Magazine, Tamer Barakat, compete in the INBA PNBA Men’s Bodybuilding Grand Masters division. 

Natural Bodybuilding Category Size Differences 

With natural bodybuilding, competitors’ goal is to build the most downright physique they can naturally. The category each athlete competes in will determine their body goals. And some divisions require more muscle mass than others. For example, as a Men’s Bodybuilding competitor, you’ll need to build extraordinary amounts of muscle for a shot at the title. You’ll also need to make sure you have monstrous legs. On the contrary, muscularity is essential in the Men’s Physique class; however, the athletes aren’t as big. And because Men’s Physique athletes wear board shorts, they don’t need to focus on their legs. 

Pass Rigorous Drug Tests or End Up on the Hall of Shame 

Aside from the INBA PNBA testing their athletes through the most rigorous drug testing standards – the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) – the INBA PNBA puts any competitor who fails a drug test on blast and publicly ridicules them via the Hall of Shame. Aside from the WADA, the Hall of Shame is another strong reason athletes are less likely to partake in doping. The INBA PNBA wants to ensure the playing field is even for all the athletes putting their blood, sweat, and tears into each competition and playing by the rules. 

Fortunately for Chad Martin, he’s on the Hall of Fame, which is every INBA PNBA competitor’s goal, of course. 

Generation Iron wishes Chad Martin much success in the upcoming 2022 INBA PNBA season

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