Natural Bodybuilding Pro Classic Physique Competitor Describes How to Build Monstrous Legs

Natural Bodybuilder Build Legs

PNBA Pro Classic Physique contender Kevin Hack describes how to build monstrous legs. 

Training your legs may not be the most fun muscle group to train, especially if you’re a typical gym-bro that loves the barbell bench press – which guy doesn’t! Although training your legs is imperative for a well-proportioned physique, especially for competitive bodybuilders who need their legs to pop out when they’re posing on stage. INBA PNBA Pro Classic Physique competitor describes the essential things you need to do to build monstrous legs. On Instagram, Kevin Hack stated:

“The best way to grow some JOOCY Legs is to pick 4-5 exercises, get REALLY strong in the 5-20 rep ranges, add weight over time, eat in a CALORIE SURPLUS, and be VERY patient. That’s it.”

You can see Kevin Hack performing Romanian deadlifts, leg extensions, and seated hamstring curls below. 



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Kevin Hack earned his pro card in the INBA PNBA league in September of 2021 after receiving first place in the Classic Physique division at an INBA PNBA pro qualifier competition held at Steel Beach Gym. He also earned a silver medal in the Bodybuilding class. Interestingly, Hack is also an NYC actor/singer. 

How to Build Muscle Mass in Your Legs

As Kevin Hack said, you’ll want to focus on 4-5 exercises. Instead of mixing up your routine too often or performing too many different movements. Because you’ll want to stick with the same few movements for long enough to build adequate strength on each exercise. If you switch up your workouts too often, you’ll never maximize muscle mass

Secondly, Hack recommends getting as strong as possible in the 5-20 rep range and adding weight over time. Adding weight to your workouts as often as possible is a cornerstone to building muscle mass and is known as the progressive overload principle. To continue to make progress with your physique, placing your muscle under a stimulus it hasn’t experienced before is critical. 

Additionally, Hack says you should be in a caloric surplus. You need to eat more calories than your body is burning to maximize muscle growth, especially if you’re not a beginner anymore – which is why bodybuilders go through a long bulk season!

Finally, Kevin Hack says you need to be patient. Everyone who’s been lifting for years, especially bodybuilders, knows that consistency and time are imperative to build a compelling body

Natural Bodybuilding

In the sport of natural bodybuilding, it’s extra essential to build your physique with the correct strategies since natural athletes can’t rely on steroids and other PEDs to enhance their physique. Innovative training is especially critical in the INBA PNBA league. That’s because they vet their athletes through the most intensive drug testing laboratories – World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) compliant. As a result, athletes going undetected in a drug test is less likely to happen through WADA drug-testing standards. Likewise, the Olympics use WADA, and it’s regarded as the most elite drug testing standard for professional athletes. 

Generation Iron wishes Kevin Hack good luck in his 2022 professional INBA PNBA season!

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