Natural Bodybuilder Matias Scopinaro Divulges Strong View of Drug Use in Bodybuilding

Matias Scopinaro says natural bodybuilding is bodybuilding

Argentinian INBA PNBA athlete Matias Scopinaro doesn’t understand why bodybuilders are risking their lives for “plastic trophies.”

Drug use is rampant in the bodybuilding age today. Many bodybuilding fans and bodybuilders point to drug abuse for the string of deaths in 2021. Of course, drugs can have some consequential negative impacts on your health. Late IFBB Pro George Peterson’s autopsy reported that anabolic steroid usage contributed to his death. Argentinian INBA PNBA pro natural bodybuilder Matias Scopinaro gave us insight of his view on drug abuse in the present bodybuilding era. 

Matias Scopinaro has competed in the largest natural bodybuilding competition – Natural Olympia – three times. In this past Natural Olymipa (2021), Scopinaro placed in the top 10 in the Men’s Classic Physique division. Also, he’s a gym owner, trainer, and coach in Argentina. He runs and operates Natural Coaching with his wife and fellow world champion, Paula Martinez. 

Matias Scopinaro is an avid believer in never skimping on leg day. Moreover, he’ll be promoting the 1st INBA competition in Argentina! 

Matias Scopinaro Comments on Drug Use in Bodybuilding

Matias Scopinaro acknowledges that the fitness industry has been exponentially growing over the years. He credits the internet and globalization, and the advancements in sports nutrition, supplements, and training methodologies. 

In the 60s, Scopinaro says that people didn’t know a lot about steroids and their health consequences. Doctors would prescribe Dianabol to patients wanting to gain lean muscle mass.

Fast forward a few decades later, that’s changed. Matias Scopinaro said in a written statement, “Over the years, drugs have evolved, and the quantity that athletes and even recreational gym-goers are using is hazardous, but thankfully, we are now more aware of the health risks of using them.”

Matias Scopinaros doesn’t believe this should be the case in 2021, though, with the advancement in health we’ve had. Scopinaro admits that 2021 has been a sad year for the bodybuilding world. However, he thinks that the at least 15 deaths of the top professionals and high-ranking amateurs in bodybuilding – most of them being under age 50 – should be an eye-opener for the sport.

He doesn’t understand why athletes are risking their lives for “plastic trophies” and “money that will be used to survive in a hospital bed.” In today’s digital world, he believes that the evolotution of nutrition, science, training, along with online resources, are enough to build you a beautiful, healthy physique that will increase your longevity. 

Who’s to Blame for Drug Use in Bodybuilding?

Matias Scopinaro admits that he doesn’t know why this is happening. However, one thing’s he’s sure of is that it’s getting worse every year. Scopinaro stated, “Unfortunately with these deaths, families are being destroyed, children are losing their loved ones. Again, I ask: for what cause?”

Natural Bodybuilding

Matias Scopinaro is a firm believer that natural bodybuilding is misunderstood. Scopinaro declared:

“Natural bodybuilding is not training and eating the same way as an IFBB Pro without the use of drugs; if you do that, you will be spinning the wheels forever. Instead, natural bodybuilding is a whole different approach to the sport; you are trying to enhance your natural hormones via smart training and implementing specific nutrition strategies.”

To build your physique to its peak potential naturally, Scopinaro says it requires patience. But your muscles are real and will stay with you for a very long time without being dependent on drug use to conserve it. 

Retrograding back to the Golden Era of bodybuilding, Scopinaro thinks that all-time great bodybuilders – Steve Reeves, Reg Park, and greats alike – envisioned natural bodybuilding for a healthy mind and body when they started.  

Matias Scopinaro praises natural bodybuilding as the closest thing we have to the fountain of youth. He asserted, “Natural bodybuilding is art, sport, and a beautiful, healthy lifestyle that everyone can put into practice.” He also says that you don’t need to be a competitive bodybuilder to reap the benefits of natural bodybuilding

Matias Scopinaro’s Closing Statement

In closing his written statement, Scopinaro expressed:

“Me and my wife Paula Martinez, as Natural athletes and coaches, will continue to help people become aware that there is a healthy route to achieve their fitness goals. We don’t want just a great body and a healthy mind. We want to enjoy life to the fullest, and live long enough to enjoy our children, grandchildren, and hopefully our grand grandchildren! Life is too short to compromise the most important thing we have as human beings: our health. money or trophies will not buy you health. without health, we have nothing.”

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