Fans Are Demanding Healthier Bodybuilding But Shaming Natural Bodybuilders, Why?

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It seems bodybuilding fans online are worried about the health and safety of bodybuilding athletes yet often criticize or overlook natural bodybuilding. 

Nowadays, bodybuilding fans online want to have their cake and eat it too. They want to watch the biggest and most ripped bodybuilders on stage. But, simultaneously, fans want their favorite bodybuilders to remain safe and healthy. This creates a dilemma for competitors. Should they risk their health to give bodybuilding fans the image they want? Or forego drugs to calm fans’ concerns about their health? Either way, bodybuilder fans quickly hash out criticism on the web. 

As bodybuilding has evolved, drug use has become prevalent to push athletes’ physique to its limits. Drugs can undoubtedly accelerate your body to Greek God-status, but it does take a toll on your body. And many fans voice their concern after the strings of recent deaths that took place in 2021. Yet, ironically, these same fans are bashing natural bodybuilding. 

As the name suggests, natural bodybuilding is bodybuilding without steroids and PEDs. Natural bodybuilding is a safer alternative to untested bodybuilding leagues since it requires each competitor to stay on top of drug tests. Other bodybuilding leagues such as the IFBB Pro don’t condone the use of drugs, but they don’t have any preventative measures in place either. Therefore, doping is widespread. 

Fans and contenders alike believe drug abuse may be to blame for the recent surge in deaths this past year. And question the state of heath in untested leagues. But, unfortunately, bodybuilding fans online are quick to bash natural bodybuilding on that same notion. 

The question is: Why do bodybuilding fans online keep bashing natural bodybuilding while complaining/worrying about the state of health in untested bodybuilding leagues?

Bodybuilding Fans Online Want Bigger and Better

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Fans argue that the physiques of untested league competitors are much more impressive. And if they run into a natural body that meets their criteria, they blame drug use or claim the athlete has beaten drug tests

Fans want their athletes to have the physiques only obtainable from doping. On the contrary, they complain about the lack of health protocols in untested leagues. 

So why do fans of untested leagues not engage and support more natural bodybuilding leagues like the INBA PNBA

Natural Bodybuilding 

The IFBB Pro doesn’t wish harm to their athletes, and great athletes have competed in this league. However, it does leave a gray area open for the health issues of competitors. And in natural bodybuilding leagues, especially the INBA PNBA, that’s not the case. 

The INBA PNBA takes great lengths to protect its athletes and offer a level playing field. Each contender is subject to a drug test and aligns with the most elite drug testing standards – World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Or they end up on the notorious Hall of Shame

The INBA PNBA has also gained prominence with its recent wave of multi-media contracts between athletes and trio behemoth companies – Generation Iron, Iron Man Magazine, and INBA PNBA. 

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Hopefully, fans of untested leagues will start to appreciate the sport of natural bodybuilding and not see it as an enemy or inferior. Instead, see it as a platform to protect your favorite bodybuilders. 

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