PNBA Tattoo Champ Ken Ross Overcame Depression Through an Awe-Inspiring Natural Bodybuilding Transformation

PNBA Ken Ross transformation
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PNBA Natural Olympia tattoo champ Ken Ross shares an inspiring natural bodybuilding transformation that led to overcoming depression, obesity, and suicidal thoughts. 

Obesity, eating unhealthy, and being sedentary can all negatively affect your mental health. But natural bodybuilding has been a sanctuary for many natural bodybuilders suffering from diseases such as cancer or mental health issues like anxiety and depression. One of the most passionate Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) athletes, Ken Ross, opened up about how natural bodybuilding helped him overcome obesity, depression, and suicidal thoughts. 

Recently Ross uploaded a post on Instagram showing his natural bodybuilding transformation from 2005-2011 that helped him conquer obesity, depression, and suicidal thoughts. On Instagram, Ross stated:

“Obese, depressed, suicidal, no goals, no vision & no dreams….this was me❌️

I was VERY fit in my younger years and lost it all 😔

I will use my personal experience and the journeys of the 1000+ clients I have helped to get you back on track ✅️

And no, you don’t have to get onstage. I will just make you better than yesterday, EVERYDAY that you work with me 😁”


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PNBA Tattoo Champ Ken Ross

Ken Ross is an Australian PNBA athlete from Canberra, Australia. At 18, Ross says he knew he wouldn’t be like some of IFBB Pro’s greats like Dorian Yates and Kevin Levrone, so that motivated him to stay clean of drugs. 

After helping his friend backstage at a show, he was inspired to start competing in 2007. Since then, he’s dominated the tattoo category and has tattoos to prove it. Ross has 8 Natural Olympia titles and title tattoos. As well as tattoos of the 13 different countries he’s competed in and the INBA Global, PNBA Pro, and Natural Olympia logo tattoos.

Ken Ross has accomplished many feats since entering the INBA PNBA. Ken Ross stats and achievements:

  • Loss 60 lbs/27kg
  • Competed in first bodybuilding show at 40
  • Has competed in 129 INBA PNBA Global shows by 55 (world record for the INBA PNBA)
  • Has competed in 13 countries
  • INBA PNBA Hall of Famer
  • PNBA Pro
  • INBA PNBA Global World Ambassador for Natural Sports

Ken Ross says the INBA PNBA helped him through life and emerged him as a person to inspire others. Ken Ross asserted:

“The INBA PNBA is my family. The values they stand for have resonated with me through my journey. I use these five pillars: Integrity, Loyalty, Excellence, Spirit & Dedication to inspire others on their quests.”

How INBA PNBA Natural Bodybuilding Helps Athletes Overcome Struggles

After learning more about the INBA PNBA athletes, connecting with them, and seeing some of their content, it’s apparent that many athletes got into natural bodybuilding to help deal with life struggles. For example, 3x Natural Olympia Classic Physique champ Brandon Lirio used natural bodybuilding as an outlet to overcome panic attacks. 

Moreover, the INBA PNBA hosts the International Battle Against Cancer in support of INBA PNBA athletes that have battled cancer, survived cancer, or have lost loved ones diagnosed with cancer. And natural bodybuilding has been a way for these athletes to cope. In addition, it’s even helped some of them beat their battle against cancer. 

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