This Kevin Levrone Workout Can Boost Your Upper Body Muscle Gains

Kevin Levrone

This push day workout routine from Kevin Levrone will give you that giant upper half.

Kevin Levrone is a bodybuilding legend and one to really admire for his unique take on training and multiple Mr. Olympia appearances. He is often referred to as the “Uncrowned King”, for the physique that he sported on the Olympia stage, that made many believe he should have won. Kevin Levrone stepped on stage with muscle mass that was unmatched, and was absolutely shredded to the bone. So, what did a Kevin Levrone workout look like?

Kevin Levrone’s Workouts

kevin levrone

Like many pro bodybuilders, Levrone has a training style that worked well for him during his long career and it may just be the style you can connect to. He believed in lower reps, something similar to that of Mike Mentzer, but Kevin used a compound movement base for his workouts, which is something you do not see many bodybuilders doing nowadays, but Kevin did a lot of heavy barbell movements such as the bench press.

While he did lower repetitions per set, Kevin Levrone’s workouts consisted of a lot of sets, and a lot of good form. Aside from that, Kevin believed in strict, controlled form on each rep, meaning no cheat reps. Kevin would make sure to get a full range of motion during his reps.

His workout split consisted of the push/pull/legs workout split, meaning one day was all pushing exercises that would hit muscle groups such as the chest, the shoulders, and the triceps. Then the next would be the back, the biceps, and the rear delts. Then he would do legs. This was up until it would get closer to a competition, where he would separate the muscles and hit them once per week.

Kevin Levrone’s Push Day Workout

Lets take a look at Kevin Levrone’s upper body workout from Levrone will work your chest, shoulders, and triceps to give you a well-rounded upper body workout to really boost your muscle gains with great exercises to increase your chances for a win.

Let’s take a look at this monster workout from Kevin Levrone. With a number of wins under his belt, Levrone knew just what it took to compete with the best under the bright lights of the stage and proved that time and time again. With this workout, you can train like he did and maybe even see some similar results!

Kevin Levrone’s Training Routine

When it comes to working out, Levrone knows how to get it done. With this plan, you will notice it is a bit higher in sets but lower in reps to really maximize growth but keep you working for a long time. Kevin Levrone’s upper body push day routine will surely fire up your muscles so you look and feel great. Commit to this plan and start to see those results you want most out of these great pushing and pulling movements with basic techniques that will show your gains.

Chest and Triceps Workout

Exercise Sets Reps
Bench Press 4 6
Incline Bench Press 4
Chest Press Machine 4 8-10
Cable Fly 10-12
Cable Tricep Pushdowns 4 10-12

Shoulder Workout

Exercise Sets Reps
Barbell Shrugs 4 8-10
Behind the Neck Smith Machine Press 4 6-8
Dumbbell Front Raises 4 8-10 (Per arm)
Rear Pec Fly 20

More About Kevin Levrone

Kevin Levrone and Ronnie Coleman

Kevin Levrone is an American IFBB pro bodybuilder, who after an illustrious pro bodybuilding career, has shifted his focus to other ventures. As of late, he has acted in several films and is a musician, while also balancing his online presence and supplement company, bringing great products to the market. Over the course of his long career, Levrone competed in 68 professional contests and is considered to be one of the top bodybuilders of the 1990’s, competing at multiple Mr. Olympia events, against some of the most proficient bodybuilders such as Ronnie Coleman.

Kevin Levrone competed in 23 pro shows and at one point held the record for most IFBB professional wins until it was broken by none other than Ronnie Coleman. Levrone never won a Mr. Olympia contest, however, he was a runner-up at a number of them. Through a great career, Levrone left a legacy as being a top bodybuilder who was determined to be as shredded as he could, chasing the dream of Mr. Olympia.

Levrone’s Training Tips & Advice

Levrone would typically work with higher sets and lower reps to ensure he could really gain momentum when it came to lifting heavy. Lower reps ensure you can get one to three reps out of some massive weight and the higher sets allowed for more rest time in between while also getting good work done, like with a close grip bench or squats.

Form was everything, especially as he started really getting to those bigger weights and he took technique as half the battle. Sloppy form can lead to that unwanted injury, or at the very least pain, that we just don’t want or need, especially while we’re grinding in the gym. Kevin Levrone’s commitment to being great forced him to train the right way and that is a helpful tip for many of us as we seek to shred and get that desired physique as we pursue our own titles and inspiration.

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Wrap Up


This upper body routine from former IFBB pro bodybuilder Kevin Levrone will surely fire up those muscles to grow. Everyone wants that beastly upper body and Levrone’s style of higher sets and lower reps can really help get you there, especially for those looking to put up massive weight. Once a real contender in the pro bodybuilding circuit, Levrone continues his legacy with an online presence around the world as he seeks to pass on his knowledge to his next wave of Mr. Olympia hopefuls as one of the most accomplished bodybuilders of all time. Give this workout a try and really see what this can do for your upper half muscle gains and fitness today, for we all know you will love the outcome of these exercises and workout routine.

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