Natural Bodybuilding Champ Proves Passion for the Sport With Over 13 INBA PNBA Tattoos

Ken Ross loves tattoos and natural bodybuilding

Ken Ross is a die-hard INBA PNBA natural bodybuilder with tattoos to prove it.

Ken Ross is an INBA PNBA athlete who loves two things: tattoos and natural bodybuilding! As a 54-year-old INBA PNBA competitor, Ken Ross is one of the most passionate natural bodybuilders out there. He’s an Australian INBA PNBA natural bodybuilder in Canberra, Australia. Ross is in the INBA PNBA Hall of Fame and an avid promoter of the INBA PNBA. Ken Ross’ love for the INBA PNBA started with an excellent first impression. Ross expressed:

“ I started with the INBA PNBA in 2007 and quickly learnt [sic] that the owners, the Kakos family, were honest and ethical people that are totally dedicated to natural bodybuilding, and its core values. I wanted to be a part of that family and the worldwide phenomenon which is INBA PNBA Global. Until I die, I will remain loyal to INBA PNBA Global and the Kakos family.” 

INBA PNBA Tattoo Champ


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Ken Ross has competed in a staggering 118 INBA events across 13 countries – an INBA PNBA world record! And this raving natural bodybuilding fan and competitor has tattoos to prove it! It’s no surprise that Ross dominates the Men’s Ink/Tattoo division. 

On his back, he’s got tattoos of the flags of the 13 different countries he’s competed in – Australia, USA, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Slovakia, Hungary, Netherlands, South Korea, Czech Republic, South Africa, Greece, and India. Also, Ross has the INBA Global, PNBA Pro, and Natural Olympia logos tattooed on his body. As well as title tattoos, including 3x INBA Natural Olympia Gold, 3x INBA Natural Universe Gold, and 2x INBA Asia Pacific Gold. 

Brief Competition History

  • INBA PNBA Natural Olympia: 8
  • INBA PNBA Natural Universe: 6
  • INBA PNBA World Championships: 6

Ross’ Current Natural Bodybuilding Roles

Below is an overview of how Ken Ross represents the INBA PNBA. 

  • Director Flexr6 Fitness Solutions – global INBA PNBA comp prep, nutrition, training
  • Iron Man Magazine Advertising Team
  • INBA Southern Australia Promoter
  • INBA World Ambassador for Natural Sports 
  • Bioflex Nutrition Sales Representative
  • PNBA Pro Bodybuilder 
  • INBA PNBA Hall of Fame

Regarding Ross’ Hall of Fame enrollment, he said:

“Awarded at the 2018 INBA PNBA Natural Olympia for displaying integrity, excellence, dedication, spirit & loyalty toward INBA PNBA. My greatest honor in natural bodybuilding. At my acceptance speech I pledged to continue to uphold and implement these values in the future across the INBA PNBA world.”  

Ken Ross Plans to Get More Tattoos 

Of course, Ken Ross plans to continue competing in the INBA PNBA and spreading his love of the sport. But he also aims to get more tattoo! Ken Ross stated, “this year (2022) I will compete in 20 INBA PNBA events across 7 countries. Including two new countries United Kingdom & Argentina. I will have these flags tattooed on my back before I compete in these countries.”

One thing natural bodybuilding tries to ensure their athletes is longevity. Ross bantered, “Being a natural bodybuilder means I will win the Ink/Tattoo Natural Olympia gold medal when I ascend to the 100+ age category in 2067!”

When Ken isn’t competing/training in natural bodybuilding, you can find him coaching others to better their fitness and health and prep for shows. 

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