Natural Bodybuilder Marc Cheatham Shares Secret Fat Loss Mistake: Eating Too Much Healthy Food

Marc Cheatham tips for getting abs

INBA PNBA natural bodybuilder Marc Cheatham lists some of the top reasons you aren’t losing body fat. 

Losing body fat is hard, and losing belly fat is especially hard. Many men struggle with losing stomach fat since men store the most fat in their abdominal region. But International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA)/Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) up-and-comer natural bodybuilder Marc Cheatham has some tips. 

Marc Cheatham is a breakout natural bodybuilder who made a mark in the sport of natural bodybuilding in 2021. In his first year of professional natural bodybuilding, he was a competitive contender and earned a multi-media contract with Generation Iron, Iron Man Magazine, and INBA PNBA. 

On Instagram (IG), Cheatham listed three top reasons you aren’t losing belly fat. He stated:

“these are some of the top reasons that get over looked 

1) Constantly Snacking all day

2) Drinking Calories 

3) Overeating on “healthy foods””

You can see his full IG post and clip explaining this in detail below:

Belly Fat

For most men, belly fat is the hardest to get rid of. Men will lose body fat in all areas of their bodies before having a flat stomach. 

A lot of men think that doing more ab exercises is the answer. And while core workouts do strengthen your abdominal muscles, they won’t make your abs visible. The key to your abs showing is low body fat levels. 

And as Cheatham stated, three top reasons men can’t seem to get rid of their belly fat are: constantly snacking all day, drinking calories, and overeating healthy foods. 

Snacking will make the calories add up. It’s recommended to start with a 300-500 caloric deficit below your maintenance calories to lose weight. And snacking on junk food can easily hit those numbers. For example, two servings of a back of chips will put you around 300 calories. 

And drinking calories is an easy way to consume a couple to a few hundred extra calories, depending on how many servings you have. For example, Cheatham stated that 12 fluid ounces of juice are 200+ calories. Furthermore, he also noted that drinking calories don’t make you feel full, so it’s a waste of calories.

Moreover, although healthy foods are healthy, if you are in a caloric surplus, it doesn’t matter if you’re eating healthy foods. You still won’t lose body fat. 

Body Fat and Natural Bodybuilders 

Of course, the top natural physiques on the planet have extremely low body fat levels when they walk across the stage. But natural bodybuilders don’t maintain these low levels of body fat year-round. Because it’s not healthy or sustainable. Plus, they go through a bulking phase to pack on muscle

When male natural bodybuilders compete, they can have as low as 3-6 percent body fat. And although they train with high intensity and a lot of volumes compared to regular gym-goers, they also have very rigid diets – which is the key to their extremely low body fat levels. 

Natural bodybuilders have to be even more on point with their nutrition than enhanced physiques since natural athletes don’t engage in drugs. But, of course, doping is prohibited in natural bodybuilding leagues. 


Avoid snacking throughout the day, consuming beverages with calories, and eating too many calories even if the foods are healthy to get rid of stubborn belly fat. 

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