Natural Bodybuilder Marc Cheatham Aims to Rep Out 500 Pounds on Deadlift

Marc Cheatham wants to deadlift 500 lbs for reps

INBA PNBA natural bodybuilder Marc Cheatham wants to lift 500 lbs on deadlift for reps. 

The deadlift is considered the king of all exercises. It’s one of the big three compounds movements – bench press, squat, and deadlift -, and it’s a good indicator of your overall strength. Furthermore, it’s also the movement that allows you to use the most weight. Well, one rising INBA PNBA natural bodybuilding star, Marc Cheatham, plans to hit a new personal record on this behemoth lift. 

Marc Cheatham had his breakout natural bodybuilding year in 2021. Contrary to being new to professional natural bodybuilding, he placed in the top six in his category at 2021 Natural Olympia and his first Natural Olympia competition. Within two months, Cheatham competed in four shows. He got second in the first show and was granted his pro card three weeks later. And before Natural Olympia, Cheatham won his first pro show. 

Moreover, he recently signed a multi-media deal with Generation Iron, INBA PNBA, and Iron Man Magazine. Crazy enough, Cheatham claims he was in the worst shape of his life six months prior. 

He made it clear on Instagram (IG) how much weight he’d like to throw around on deadlift. He said:

“I got a goal to rep out 500lbs on the deadlift!”

Below, you’ll find him repping out four plates on each side on deadlift. 


If you’ve performed the deadlift before, you know this would be an incredible feat! 

Prepared for the 2022 INBA PNBA Season

Marc Cheatham seems primed for this year’s 2022 INBA PNBA season. Since 2021 Natural Olympia ended, Cheatham started working early for this year’s natural bodybuilding season. On an IG post posted just weeks after Natural Olympia, he stated, “It’s grow season now. Time to put on more mass!” 

Aside from winning, Cheatham acknowledges that looking good naked is another motivating factor for him to workout. Marc Cheatham plans to start competing again this summer. As an athlete, he believes balancing training for performance and aesthetics is the key to a well-rounded physique. 

The Road to Natural Olympia 

The road to Natural Olympia is no easy path. If you’re a pro, there are specific competitions you’ll need to compete in before you qualify. For example, suppose you’re on the West Coast. In that case, you have the option to compete in International Battle Against Cancer, International Battle Iron Man Magazine, Pro Wolfpack/Cougar Classic, Zeus Classic International, Team USA, or World Cup. In addition, professional INBA PNBA athletes from the Midwest and East Coast have their bracket of competitions

If you’re a reining gold medal winner or Hall of Fame Inductee, you’re exempt from qualifying competitions. Also, amateurs can compete at Natual Olympia and have their criteria to qualify. Winning overall in an amateur competition will earn an INBA PNBA athlete their pro card. 

As Cheatham stated in an IG post, Natural Olympia is the Super Bowl of natural bodybuilding. It’s the most prominent natural bodybuilding event where competitors from over 60 countries have the opportunity to win medals and prizes

Generation Iron wishes Marc Cheatham good luck in this upcoming natural bodybuilding season! Also, congratulations on signing your multi-media contract! 

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