Martins Licis looks ahead at the world record lifts he plans to try and beat in the coming year – including the 100 year old squat record he already beat.

Martins Licis has a lot to look forward to in the world of strongman. He is the most recent winner of the World’s Strongest Man – essentially the Mr. Olympia of strongman events. With that kind of momentum behind him, he’s looking towards continuing to succeed not only by winning competitions but by also breaking world records. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Martins Licis breaks down the 100 year old world record he has already beaten and how he plans to beat his own record.

The Steinborn squat is less of a traditional Strongman lift. It’s an old school maneuver that basically requires the lifter to pick up a barbell off the ground, shimmy it onto his shoulder, and then do a squat. It’s from the times before squat racks existed. The world record for the Steinborn squat hadn’t been broken for over 100 years… that is until Martins Licis gave a crack at it.

Martins Licis breaking the Steinborn squat world record (above).

During our video conversation with Martins Licis, we asked him to detail the world record Steinborn squat he achieved and also look towards the future to what other records he looks to bust through. First and foremost, he’s most interested in breaking his own record in the Steinborn squat. Martins was able to lift 560 lbs when he broke the record. He now wants to bust past 600 lbs in his next attempt.

But that’s not only where his ambitions lie. He wants to also start attempting records in more traditional Strongman lifts including the stone lift and the log press. Of course, he’ll have some tight competition to earn himself a name on the world record title.

You can watch Martins Licis’ full comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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