Martins Licis Sets New World Record With 300-Pound Hammer Lift

Martins Licis had quite a weekend during the 2021 Rogue Invitational.

Martins Licis made his return to competition over the weekend during the 2021 Rogue InvitationalHe ended the event with a championship and even broke a world record in the process. After winning the competition, Licis returned to Dell Diamond in Round Rock, TX to win yet another award.

Licis was one of five competitors to return and attempt to break the world record in Thor’s Hammer Lift. In the end, it was Licis who was able to complete the heaviest lift by getting a new world record of 136kg (300lb) off the ground.

For his victory at the strongman competition, Licis earned the largest winning in the history of the sport at $133,351. After setting the world record in the hammer lift, Licis added another $5,000 to his overall pot.

The Thor’s hammer Lift is a grip challenge. The competitor must hold the handle of the gammer and lift it off the ground to a full standing position. The judge then gives the down command and this is when the weight can be returned to the ground. The competitor could use either hand and even change hands on each attempt. This was a timed competition where athletes had one minute to complete the lift.

Hafthor Bjornsson held the previous world record at 118kg (260lb). Over the weekend, the opening weight was (200lb) and all six competitors were successful. It was the raised to 102kg (225lb) and all but Trey Mitchell were successful. It eventually moved up to 125kg (275lb), which was more than Bjornsson’s record. Mikhail Shivlyakov set the initial mark followed by Mateusz Kieliszkowski. Laurence Shahlaei did not control the big lift after initially getting it off the ground.


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Josh Thigpen was also eliminated and the weight was moved up to 300lb. Shivlyakov attempted the lift with both hands but miss and Kieliszkowski failed as well. This left Licis to make an attempt and was able to complete it with his left hand. Licis then attempted to lift a 147.3 (325lb) hammer but failed. It did not matter as his 300-pound feat was enough to set a new world record.

Martins Licis has been one of the best strongmen in the world for years now. He won the 2019 World’s Strongest Man title. He has been out of competition for awhile now with different injuries but made his return in Texas and put on a memorable performance.

Licis will certainly be present at upcoming strongman events to continue to put up big numbers. When healthy, there is no doubt that he is one of the top competitors in the sport.

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