Maxx Charles responds to the fan debate over his fifth place standing at the New York Pro 2020.

Earlier in September, the New York Pro 2020 was held (in Tampa Florida). Even in these uncertain times, it remains one of the bigger IFBB Pro bodybuilding competitions of the year. It’s a big Olympia qualifier with a stacked line up. This year was no different. But there was controversy upon the results announcement. Specifically, the fact that Maxx Charles received fifth place. Many fans believed he not only deserved to place higher but in fact should have won the whole show. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Maxx Charles shares his reaction to placing fifth and claims he also believes he deserved first place at the New York Pro 2020.

After it was revealed that Maxx Charles placed fifth at the New York Pro 2020, many fans complained that it was the wrong call. Many strongly felt that Charles was the most conditioned athlete on stage.

Maxx Charles’ coach, Milos Sarcev, was one such man making the complaints. He took to social media to state that Charles is judged unfairly and that it came to a head at the New York Pro. Milos believes that Charles should have placed first. Upon posting this – many fans agreed in the comments.

While it is somewhat common for fans to have their own opinions on competition placings, it became more heated with the introduction of Milos’ comments. Again, it’s perfectly fine for anyone, including coaches, to have an opinion. But the difference between fifth place and first place is a large one – which increased the intensity of the arguments online.

That’s why we wanted to sit down with Maxx Charles himself to get his reaction to the entire controversy. Does he personally agree that he was snubbed from the correct placing?

When we asked Charles point blank, he takes a moment to respond, but the grin on his face tells all. He eventually answers stating, “I definitely felt like I won.” But he also understands that each competition has a different set of judges and that the sport is overall a subjective one.

Maxx Charles goes on to say that he understands why he was placed in fifth place, though he doesn’t agree with it. Certain judges have in the past knocked points off of Charles for specific reasons. He might not agree with those “problem” areas needing work – but at the end of the day he understands the judges call the shots.

Ultimately, Maxx Charles personally believes he brought in a superior package. Milos and a drove of fans seem to agree. What particularly hurts is the fact his conditioning was overlooked. Lack of conditioning has often been a criticism of the past few years top bodybuilding shows. So for Maxx Charles to place fifth with such superior conditioning, it lends credence to the notion that judges are favoring other factors over conditioning.

At the end of the day, it’s about the overall package. Whether or not the fans, Milos, and Maxx Charles agree – the judges felt that four other competitors brought a better overall package. It can’t be changed but that won’t hold back vocal fans.

You can watch Maxx Charles’ full comments on the New York Pro 2020, including his contest prep, in our latest GI Exclusive interview above.

Derek Dufour
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