Mel Gibson Looses Over 30lb In 8 Weeks Due to Chance Encounter.

Gibson can bulk up or lean down for any given role, but in his later years the actor has stubborn weight around the middle he admits to simply being unable to lose. However, all that changed in an evening after a chance encounter with Perth-based fitness coach Sam Jackson (no relation.) Watch the video above from Sam Jackson’s official fitness to see what became of their unlikely partnership.

Jackson and Gibson met by chance at a restaurant one evening; both were eating alone and seated on the same side of their respective tables. They got to talking and Jackson mentioned he had been struggling losing extra weight and that it had made him feel sluggish and unhealthy. He was also having trouble sleeping.

“I said ‘Give me eight weeks with you, I’ll get rid of it.’ I told him I’d teach him how to eat properly, and coach him through it,” Jackson said of her challenge to the veteran actor. He accepted, and over the course of a 8-week session with Jackson, he lost over 30 pounds.

The secret to their success was a rigorous meal plan, designed and implemented by Jackson, and the fact that the two stayed in near-constant contact in order to ensure follow-through on his fitness and dietary goals. In the caption above, Jackson emphasizes the “dedication, commitment, and a whole lot of hard work” exemplified by Gibson in order to meet these goals. His hard work paid off, since the fitness enthusiast also mentions that Gibson lost 14kg (roughly 30 pounds) under her tutelage.

“We talk easily 30-50 times a day on SMS regardless of what time zone he’s in and we FaceTime a couple of times a week,” Jackson shared. The fact that they kept in contact so well probably relates to their success, as many first-time dieters and exercise newbies fail not at their exercises or meals but at having the self-discipline and follow through to complete entire units.

Gibson thanks Jackson repeatedly in the video and seems happy with his newfound health. It’s especially difficult to make changes later in life when your diet is pretty habitually defined and your metabolism has slowed down, but Gibson was able to do it with the right trainer that he had chemistry with. Let this be a lesson to all of you out there in middle or older age who feel like an old dog can’t learn new tricks — you can and you must! It’s great for your health and your self-esteem, and clearly, it can be done. Now follow your heart, find the right trainer, and get to work. You’ll thank me later.

*All images and media courtesy of YouTube and Instagram.

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