Men’s 212 Or Men’s Open?

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Throughout the history of the IFBB and the NPC, more and more divisions have been added into the sport of bodybuilding. We now have Bikini, Figure, Fitness, Women’s Fitness, Men’s Fitness, Classic Physique, Men’s 212, and Men’s Open. But of all these divisions – the two biggest showstoppers are Men’s Open and Men’s 212. Both are usually the headlining shows at Arnold Classic and Olympia and garner the most excitement.

But with recent talk by many fans and critics that the Men’s Open physiques are too bloated and almost TOO massive (and the creation of yet another division – Classic Physique)… could there be more excitement to be found in the Men’s 212? Jessenia Vice breaks down the two divisions and then YOU can decide your favorite division. Watch the episode above!

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